Maria Borrego

Executive Director | Hi, I am Maria! My husband Tony and I are Commerce City natives, and I am passionate about working with families in our hometown. Our community supported us as we raised our three sons who are now young adults themselves. I became an entrepreneur and loved building a business in our community. Through constant encouragement, community engagement, and access to resources my life dramatically changed course. This is why I wanted to work with CUP because my story is evidence that when people help one another, we can live a purpose filled life full of creativity and adventures. My goal is to help young adults define success for themselves, to help them become leaders who inspire and impact their own families.

Chris Churches

Reunion Coffee House Manager | Hi, I am Chris! I love living in and serving Commerce City. I spend my days working at the coffee house creating memories alongside many wonderful young adults from our community. We work together to keep our community caffeinated! The coffee house is a community treasure, it truly is a place where everyone knows your name. I am married to Kenny, who you will often see at the coffee house calling BINGO or volunteering behind the counter. We have four young adults of our own, and we are ALL coffee fanatics. I enjoy helping CUP grow into a pillar in our community of good deeds and kindness for years to come. It is rewarding work and I’m privileged to be a part of the CUP family.


We are currently seeking new board members to join us for a 3-year term. We are a board passionate about our community and the passion behind CUP. We help the organization with fund development, networking, and committee work. We are in need of board members familiar with skills in HR, Law, Mental Health, and community members interested in impacting lives of young adults.

If you are interested in applying for a position on our board, please click the link for the specific roles and responsibilities of our board.


Aaron Phillips


Jenn Huseman


Sara Chiado

Board Member

Jilian Doll


Heather Dawson

Ex Officio Board Member

Brooklyn Hephner


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