Our Coffee House Staff

Chris Churches

Executive Director | In the role of Executive Director, Chris embraces life in and serves Commerce City with great passion. Her days are dedicated to working alongside many wonderful young adults from our community, sharing the love of God and making a positive impact.

Stephanie Hayes

Coffee House Director | Stephanie is passionate about all things CUP and Coffee! She loves the young adult with her whole self and pours into their lives every single day. She leads us in Customer service and fights to protect our culture of trust.

Valerie Martinez

Community Director | Valerie, a caring events director, finds her greatest joy in her family. She's also deeply committed to the non-profit CUP, dedicated to assisting young adults in need. Her selfless devotion to her family and her mission at CUP makes her a valuable member of our team!

Jacquelyn Churches

Marketer | Jacquelyn is a CUP Kids graduate who loves spreading the positive work culture to other young adults. She uses her creativity and her eye for design to promote CUP and the coffee houses to the community. She is our Marketing Lead.

Grace Bouque

Taza Coffee House Manager | Grace is CUP Graduate, who manages Taza Coffee House. She loves the community and is passionate about excellent customer service and promoting the vision of loving and helping others to overcome roadblocks to become the heroes in their families.

Federico Hernandez

Anythink Coffee House Manager | Fed, the coffee-loving manager of Anythink Coffee House, has a special place in his heart for the Anythink Library. He's passionate about crafting the perfect brew and finds joy in the library's welcoming embrace, fostering a sense of community and connection. Fed's dedication to both coffee and CUP enriches the coffee house experience for all.


We are currently seeking new board members to join us for a 3-year term. We are a board passionate about our community and the vision behind CUP. We help the organization with fund development, networking, and committee work. We are in need of board members familiar with skills in HR, Law, Mental Health, and community members interested in impacting lives of young adults.

If you are interested in applying for a position on our board, please click the link for the specific roles and responsibilities of our board.


Dr. Midge Mougey

CUP Board Member

Victoria Villarreal

CUP Board President

David Laird

CUP Board Vice President

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Young Adult Mentors

Our young adults work alongside Mentors that are active listeners and who are enthusiastic about helping them achieve their goals. Our Mentors are teachers, sponsors, advisors, agents, role models, coaches, confidantes and so much more. It's because of our mentors that our Young Adults feel seen, loved and valued.

As iron sharpens iron,
so a friend sharpens a friend.
Proverbs 27:17


Chris Churches

Roy Mickelson

Kyla Stopperan

Stephanie Hayes

Valerie Martinez

Bianca Rivera