Youth Empowerment Program (YEP) Education Coordinator

Job Title: YEP Education Coordinator

About CUP: CUP is a faith-based non-profit doing crucial work in supporting young adults who are facing significant challenges in their lives. By providing a combination of mentorship, job opportunities, and educational programs like the YEP class (for ages 16-24) and BEYOND the Job Training, CUP helps individuals overcome hurdles and build a brighter future for themselves.

Scope of Position: CUP is looking for a collaborative leader with outstanding interpersonal, organizational and leadership skills to coordinate and teach our Youth Empowerment Program (YEP) at Reunion Coffee House and Greyhound Grounds Coffee House.

What it’s Like to Work Here: If you ask our leadership staff to describe working at CUP in one word, they would say, ‘fulfilling.’ Our team members share a positive attitude, patience, and wisdom, empowering them to connect with and educate young adults with compassion and kindness. Our healthy work culture prioritizes encouragement, collaboration, and trust, making this job opening a rare and wonderful opportunity.

A Day in the Life as a YEP coordinator:

As the leader of YEP, your role will involve networking to find potential guest speakers and community members who can share their personal experiences on topics like financial literacy, resume writing, time management and faith. You’ll also be responsible for lesson planning and updating our original YEP curriculum at CUP.

Your time will be divided between teaching students in your class, providing one-on-one mentorship, and engaging with parents and guardians. A key aspect of your role will be collecting data, analyzing what works and what doesn’t in the classroom, and understanding the challenges students face and how they can overcome them through education and connection.

Qualifications to be the YEP Education Coordinator: As the leader of YEP, you will play a vital role in integrating faith-based principles into our curriculum and mentoring approach.

  • We are looking for a person with character who leads with kindness and wisdom, and has a compassionate heart that wants to see others succeed.
  • Prior experience in teaching young adults, mentorship, or curriculum implementation is preferable.
  • We seek someone who is a collaborative leader and can let the best ideas rise to the surface, even if they aren’t their own.
  • The ideal candidate should be well-networked, understanding the power of crucial conversations, grace, and forgiveness to maintain healthy relationships.
  • Awareness of the challenges young people face in navigating the world of work, school, and life is crucial.
  • Strong decision-making and organizational skills, both in and out of the classroom, are essential.
  • Additionally, the ability to mentor students and manage disruptive behavior effectively is required.
  • Proficiency in core computer programs (Word, Google Docs, Excel, etc.) and ease in operating a laptop, including clarity, brevity, and efficiency in communication, are also necessary skills.
Pay, Benefits & Hours:

This job is hourly and will pay $25/hour, with the opportunity for overtime if applicable, for 25-35 hours a week. You can choose your hours but must include:

  • One evening class (a 12-week session) at Reunion Coffee House from 5pm to 8:30pm, located at 10601 Reunion Pkwy, Commerce City, CO 80022.
  • One evening class (a 12-week session) at Greyhound Grounds Coffee House from 5pm to 8:30pm, located at 6230 Glencoe St, Commerce City, CO 80022.
  • One day working out of the Greyhound office and 1 or 2 days working out of the Reunion office.

This job also offers 3 weeks of PTO & sick leave that follows the Colorado Healthy Families & Workplaces Act.